Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of duty Ghosts

Well where to start on ghosts.

I am just going to tell you what i think.

If you like camping then you will love multiplayer as all you get is campers.

Extinction game mode is something new to the Call of duty franchise and a little weird if i do say but it is fun it gives a better challenge then zombies but the fact that you are killing aliens is not my cup of tea.

Squads game mode is a mix of survival and chaos in MW3 its a challenge but it is fun would recommend you go play it.

Single Player Campaign  is the best thing about COD Ghosts that i have found so far.

***5 STARS***
***3 STARS***
Other Game Modes
***4 Stars***
Overall Rating
***3.5 Stars***

(18+ No Under 18s)


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