Grand Theft Auto V Review

GTA5 Has some of the best graphics I have ever seen you can see every mark on the road and the blood splat is just awesome.

With fast easy to control cars for full list and info Click here
You can play on your own as in all the GTA games or something new you can now play on-line which offers you the chance to race do missions join Team Death Matches or just free roam and have fun killing people.
Also added was social club on-line that allows you to
Create or join crews
Leave comments for your crews
See all your stats
And new create a game (race or TDM)
Use your phone of windows 8 PC for the GTAV app that allows you to train your dog and add a new personal number plate to your cars
Best GTA in the series
**Five Stars**
**Three Stars**
**Four Stars**
Verity  Items
**Four 1/2 Stars**
Overall rating
**Five Stars**Amazing GameNo Under 18s To PlayTell us what you think on Twitter  #DonnysGC  or mention me on @DonnysGC
Your views are welcome please comment below 

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