Top Windows 8.1 games

OK so here is my top picks on windows 8.1 games look at bottom for download links.

So I guess my fist game would be Virtual City Playground from G5 Games   which is a time management game where you must build your own city with missions and objectives.

Well second is coin dozer  from Game Circus its a game on which you push coins from the pusher machine may not sound that fun but it is a addictive game that you would want to keep playing to complete.

And last is Game Dev Tycoon by Green Heart Games which is a time management game that allows you to build a game company from beginning to end develop new tech and game.  This game is the only 1 on my list that you will need to pay for.

Download Links

Virtual City Playground  

Windows 8                                 Kindle fire

Iphone and ipad                      Nook

Google play                               Mac OS

Coin Dozer

Windows 8

Iphone and Ipad

Google Play

Game Dev Tycoon 

Windows 8

Other windows, Mac and Linux

So there’s my picks for today hope you enjoy playing if you have and suggestions  please fill in the contact form below.


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