Fifa 14 reveiw

This review is from my brother as I wanted to see his take on reviews 

Review on Fifa 14….. in my opinion i think the game is really good better than all Fifa so far, I think the players are more realistic,graphics not to bad and the transfer is more expensive as more players cost more than previous seasons and some players have been brought in from the academy… couple of things i dislike about Fifa. when it crashes, sometimes when you’re in a game it can crash and you had to restart it again. handball,no players get fouled for hand-balling in the box where as they do in real life football, for example if you’re in a real game of football, and the referee is close to you and you hand ball it, it’s a penalty where as the game its play on which I think its bad. transfer market, in real football a rival club can buy players of another rival club where as in Fifa you can’t, so I think that’s a bit unfair to be honest, for example Manchester United bought Robin Van Persie from Arsenal for £24m where as you can’t on Fifa. the competition (champions cup) should be renamed as the champions league things I like about Fifa.. players, players are realistic and can move and got wicked shot accuracy. i think the good thing about Fifa also is you can create your own club and player, you can make them all various numbers 99 being the highest, the more higher the number the more expensive they are in the transfer period. that’s my review on Fifa 14 hope you like it if not tell me what I can do to change it.


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