History of the world wide web

OK so this is part of my new area where we add links to some interesting reads about History and just random reads in this 1st post we will look at the internet and how it started.

So are first link would be

History of the world wide web (opens to Wikipedia)

This part is a long read but will pass the time of a long day.

What you will find out

  • 1 1980–1991: Development of the World Wide Web
  • 2 1992–1995: Growth of the WWW
    • 2.1 Early browsers
    • 2.2 Web organization
  • 3 1996–1998: Commercialization of the WWW
  • 4 1999–2001: “Dot-com” boom and bust
  • 5 2002–present: The Web becomes ubiquitous 5.1 Web 2.0

Next on are list is the World Wide Web Consortium (opens to Wikipedia)

If you are reading the first part you would want to read this part.

In this part

  • 1 History
  • 2 Specification Maturation
    • 2.1 Working Draft (WD)
    • 2.2 Candidate Recommendation (CR)
    • 2.3 Proposed Recommendation (PR)
    • 2.4 W3C Recommendation (REC)
    • 2.5 Later Revisions (WD)(NOTES)
    • 2.6 Certification
  • 3 Administration
  • 4 Membership
  • 5 Criticism
  • 6 Standards

And finally a list of the most popular websites (opens to Wikipedia)

This is a list of the top 100 websites.

Just a part you mite like is top 25 bloggers (opens to time tech (WordPress))


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