Top web browsers


So first on are list of review would be.



Created by:



Desktop             Android


A smart and fast and responsive browser that incorporates its own apps that its members can create this a browser that is sleek and stylish and is easy to use if I would add its down falls on it i would say that the flash player crashes alot which is a problem i found not just with this browser what i love about it is that you can change the appearance of the main page.


Internet explorer

Created by: 



All windows products come with internet explorer


A simple fast and responsive browser that is let down by flash players running slow on it but is a brilliant browser for people who love just surfing the web to shop or just to research but if your planning on playing games on it then it works well with low graphics games but not so well with high graphics games.


Google Chrome

Created by:



Windows      Linux 

 Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Google play     apple app store


Chrome is my browser of choice as it allows you to log in and save all you browsing items to use on another device.

With a sleek and responsive browser that is fast with gaming but takes a little bit longer to load up then the other 2.

Downfalls on this browser is that i cant use my internet security safe search plugin as it keep crashing also the flashplayer crashes from time to time

OK so there is my quick reviews now my ratings.

Firefox is getting ***3 1/2 stars ***

Internet explorer is getting ***3 1/2 stars***

Google chrome is getting ****4 stars****


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