Watch Gameplay For Unity Games’ Free FRS Ski Cross iOS and Android Release

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If you own some sort of mobile device, make sure to check out the newly released FRS Ski Cross from Unity Games, as it’s a free-to-play title. This is the publishing label for the powerful Unity engine, which is currently presenting its first few games. You may have seen the Diablo-like Archangel release earlier this week.

In FRS Ski Cross, you plummet down slopes, slide through turns and try to pull off hazardous jumps in a race against time. It features 50 levels, each more winding and challenging than the last. Additionally, you can connect to impress friends with leaderboards or to challenge them to a duel.

FRS Ski Cross free to play android ios game concept art (2)

For individual events, you can encounter your ghost track, whenever you redo a certain stage. Racing well nets you currency, which can be used to purchase additional equipment that better’s a character’s stats. For the passionate sports fan, FRS Ski Cross has licensed…

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