Most expensive games #1

So been working on this for a bit and here is a bit about expensive games.
If you feel that a game for £50 is expensive them i am going to tell u about Uncharted 2 Among Thieves the game is worth under £18 except from one Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter edition which includes:

Exclusive downloads, a collector case signed by the Naughty Dog team, an art book and an “exact” replica of the Phurba Dagger Artifact, complete with display stand.

And cannot be purchased from the makers as it was given away as a competition item from the makers of which only 200 was made.

But if you would like one you can always buy it from a eBay seller for a whopping £5,283.88 YES IT WILL COST £5K that is why this game makes it on this list.

CLICK HERE for eBay listing

Keep an eye out for more of the Most expensive games.
Menu item coming as soon as we have are 3rd post.



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