Valentine Posts

As love is in the air we would love to help you as much as we can so here is a selection of apps on valentine’s day.

7 Apps for the Best Valentine’s Day.

Also here is a few poems for that special person in your life.

I may not always tell you
What I’m feeling deep inside
The emotions and the feelings
That I sometimes tend to hide

But I’m really proud and pleased
To know that you are mine
And I hope that you still love me
My Darling Valentine

© V4C

OK, I got you this Valentines card
And you’re probably wondering why
Because today’s not special to me
As a 365 Romantic Guy

You’re probably thinking I love me
and I do
But not even remotely as much
As I love you

Jon Bratton © 2013
(published 13.25 GMT 8th Feb 2013)

© V4C

From Love Birthday Page

Because each little wish of mine
You’ve tried to make come true
(On Valentine’s Day), I want to say
How dearly I love you.

© V4C

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Hope you have a wonderful day and hope love is in the air today.


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