How to start on YouTube

OK so if you are planing on starting a YouTube Channel and want a little help and advice then this is the post for you.

What will i need?

First thing you will need is a YouTube account and channel so you will need to make that.

Second thing is something to record with i would recommend going HD with a HD PVR (Personal Video Recorder) i use the Hauppauge HD PVR which is a good all round recorder but doesn’t have the best software.

You will need a console of your choice i use a PS3.

The game/s of your choice i have Call of Duty Ghosts/ COD BO2/ MW3 and GTA 5 plus others but only record them.

You will need a T.V would recommend a small T.V so you get all the picture in sight.

Finally you will need a computer DesktopPC / Laptop (I am using a acer laptop that isnt mine but do have a asus laptop that i use mainly)

when you have all that you need to set it all up and your good to go now comes the hard part getting active subscribers.


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