The perfect gamer’s TV channel

Today i am going to be telling you all about a wold of gaming on your TV.

So at the moment i am addicted to watching and as i am writing this i am watching the Call of Duty Championships on ginx.

I have seen shows dedicated to gaming but this is the first 24/7 gaming channel i have found on T.V.

I love all things gaming so as you would think i am addicted to it.

My Ratings

Availability  ****Four stars****

Mix of programming *****Five stars*****

Overall ****Four half stars*****

Where can you find it? Well its available in many country’s the list below will tell you more.
ABNXcess (Malaysia) Channel 270
Indovision (Indonesia) Channel 226
OkeVision (Indonesia) Channel 14
TotalTV (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Channel 94
TotalTV (Croatia) Channel 041
TotalTV (Macedonia) Channel 124
TotalTV (Montenegro) Channel 104
TotalTV (Serbia) Channel 112
TotalTV (Slovenia) Channel 093
Zuku (East Africa) Channel 740
Arabsat Badr 5 (Middle East) 10770 V 27500 3/4
Dolce (Romania) Channel 156

Serbia Broadband Channel 330
Telemach (Slovenia) Channel 162
Melita Cable (Malta) Channel 361
B.Net Televizija (Croatia) Channel 70
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel 475 (HD)
ZON Multimédia (Portugal) Channel 140
Toya (Poland) Channel 222
Virgin Media (UK) Channel 286
Tivibu (Turkey) Channel 145
SiOL TV (Slovenia) Channel 153
T-2 (Slovenia) Channel 116
XS4ALL (Netherlands) Channel 330
MaxTV (Croatia) Channel 666
Glashart Media (Netherlands) Channel 303
AMIS (Slovenia) Channel 128
Free (France) Channel 145
Orange (France) Channel 198
Orange (France) Channel 198
Bouygues Telecom (France) Channel 242
TOTiptv (Thailand) Channel 321

Streaming media
FilmOn (US) Watch live


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