PlayStation 4

OK so as we all know PS4 was released a while ago and i am going to share my star ratings with you all.


Graphics *****Five Stars*****

Games ***Three Stars***

Ease of use ****Four Stars****


PS3 vs PS4

Graphics, (PS4) Nice clean and clear picture.

Games,(PS3) Ps4 has a limited amount of games unlike the ps3 that has a huge collection.

Ease of use (Ps3) although the ps4 has a better look to the menu it also has a more complex layout the ps3 has a a simple and easy to use menu


So what would i pick?

To be honest i would pick both of them they are good consoles but if you want to play GTAV you will need a ps3 as it isnt out on PS4 yet.


PS> if you have a SD TV you may want to consider upgrading as the PS4 is HDMI input only.




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