App Times #5

OK sorry for the amount of time its took to post this just been testing the app.



Hay Day



App Type:


Age Rating:

Apple – 4+

Google – Medium Maturity

MoreThenGamers – 4+


I Phone, I pad,

Google Play




Brilliant game but takes time and work to get your farm up and learn the ropes.

It has a fun look with animals dressed up and a cool community if you ever do forums.

down side the speed in which you run out of space in your storage.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. – Click Here

Apple Mac – Unavailable

Google Play – Clack Here

Windows Phone – Unavailable

Windows 8 – Unavailable

Kindle – Unavailable

Blackberry – Unavailable
Due to only a couple of devices can play it i will update if any future platform come out.

Join are forum and discuss this app  – Click here

For Forum –  Click Here

For Facebook –  Click Here

For Twitter – Click Here



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