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Last Most Expensive Games Post

Ok so most expensive games are coming to a end and a new series is starting so keep your eye on the one off pages area for are new series of posts i will be starting them soon.

So today’s is


Price Range: $5,000 – $6,000

Why So Expensive?: It’s never mentioned in the same breath as Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, but Atlantis was a pretty popular game in 1982. The gameplay was similar to Missile Command, with players defending their base from overhead attack by enemy ships. The developer held a tournament called Destination Atlantis, where players were invited to send in photos of their TV screens displaying their high scores. The best players were then sentAtlantis II, a special edition of the game that featured faster enemy ships worth fewer points, making it harder to get a high score, but easier to determine the true champions.



Most expensive games #3

OK so todays is

Stadium Events NES and this went for a amazing $41.300 with only 20 copies rumoured to exist making this game 1 of the rarest.


This game sold on ebay for $41.300 in 2010 but someone out there is asking for quite a bit more. The owner of a factory sealed copy ofStadium Events has listed theirs for sale on ebay for the asking price of $500,000.