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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Ok people so the next Call of Duty will be advanced warfare made by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision

You can watch the reveal trailer here

Video from Call of Duty

The game will be released on

PlayStation 4

Xbox one

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360


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PlayStation 4

OK so as we all know PS4 was released a while ago and i am going to share my star ratings with you all.


Graphics *****Five Stars*****

Games ***Three Stars***

Ease of use ****Four Stars****


PS3 vs PS4

Graphics, (PS4) Nice clean and clear picture.

Games,(PS3) Ps4 has a limited amount of games unlike the ps3 that has a huge collection.

Ease of use (Ps3) although the ps4 has a better look to the menu it also has a more complex layout the ps3 has a a simple and easy to use menu


So what would i pick?

To be honest i would pick both of them they are good consoles but if you want to play GTAV you will need a ps3 as it isnt out on PS4 yet.


PS> if you have a SD TV you may want to consider upgrading as the PS4 is HDMI input only.




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