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Hi all that time again





App Type:

Movie Streaming

Age Rating:

Apple – 12+

Google – Medium Maturity

Microsoft – 16+

MoreThenGamers – 12+


iPhone and iPad

Google play


Microsoft Windows 8/phone – Xbox

Sony PlayStation





Brilliant app if using on a T.V , console  or laptop/pc  but using it on a phone is not for me as the screen is just to small for films.

The selection of programs and films that they have is good but could be doing more to get alot more good films on there.

Would i keep it yes but not on a mobile device.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple Mac

Google Play

Windows Phone

Windows 8


Blackberry – Unavailable



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PlayStation 4

OK so as we all know PS4 was released a while ago and i am going to share my star ratings with you all.


Graphics *****Five Stars*****

Games ***Three Stars***

Ease of use ****Four Stars****


PS3 vs PS4

Graphics, (PS4) Nice clean and clear picture.

Games,(PS3) Ps4 has a limited amount of games unlike the ps3 that has a huge collection.

Ease of use (Ps3) although the ps4 has a better look to the menu it also has a more complex layout the ps3 has a a simple and easy to use menu


So what would i pick?

To be honest i would pick both of them they are good consoles but if you want to play GTAV you will need a ps3 as it isnt out on PS4 yet.


PS> if you have a SD TV you may want to consider upgrading as the PS4 is HDMI input only.




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Europe snubs the Xbox One and Titanfall – Why?

The Videogame Debate

I reported a few weeks ago that the PS4 was crushing the Wii U and Xbox One and that momentum hasn’t ceased. This being despite the release of Titanfall, coupled with widespread official and non official price drops in the continent. Should Microsoft abandon all hope in Europe?

The above graph shows the little effect of Titanfall to European Xbox One sales. Source VGChartz.com The above graph shows the little effect of Titanfall to European Xbox One sales. Source VGChartz.com

If we exclude the UK then sales across Europe are extremely thin, although it must be noted it is not currently on sale across the whole of Europe. Take a look at the graph above, considering we know that the week of March 15th seen the Xbox One sell nearly 20,000 units then we can see how poorly the rest of Europe is receiving the One. The Xbox One will inevitably sell well in the UK, in fact it seems to be only selling in countries…

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